Intraoperative Monitoring Opportunity, Sacramento

We have a unique opportunity for an IOM professional in North, Central CA.  Do you want to live in the very affordable “City of Trees?”  Does the notion of living within 1.5 hours of ski slopes in Tahoe, the Napa Valley, and the Pacific Ocean appeal to you?  Would you enjoy a relaxed case load, averaging 12 cases per month?  Do you want to work with a smaller group of dedicated, passionate neurophysiology professionals?

Position details and requirements:

  • Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 1 year of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification. We may consider CNIM-eligible candidates in certain circumstances.
  • Environment:  Work consistently with the same surgeons, resulting in great chemistry and trust.  Core team of 12 IOM professionals that have developed a wonderful bond with the surgeons to create a pleasant and non-confrontational environment;  All surgeries monitored remotely by a board certified neurologist.  This is not a national company and your opinion and insight will count!
  • Call Requirements: 1 weekend per month; $100 paid to be on call + $150 for each case you monitor.  $400 in extra income over a weekend is quite common (That’s potentially an extra $5k in your pocket every year).
  • Continuing Education: This company is extremely passionate about education and will pay for attendance at 1 out of town conference per year (ASNM, ASET, regional mtgs, etc).
  • Travel: None
  • Mileage: All mileage beyond your “home base hospital” is fully reimbursed, even if you are only driving to a local hospital 10 miles away.   That’s more money in your pocket that very few IOM employers offer.
  • Scheduling/Time Off: Very easy to plan and balance a work-life schedule with an average case load of 12 cases per month.   3-day weeks are common.  2 weeks of PTO is given to every new employee.
  • Case Breakdown: 80% spine, 20% complex craniotomies and other procedures; Willing to train on craniotomies for those with the desire to learn.
  • Location: Sacramento, CA; Easily, the most affordable “big city” in CA, with far less congestion than LA or SFO.
  • Compensation: $110k-$120k + call pay + 401k/Roth + 100% paid HC insurance + $110/mo for cell and home internet (that’s another $1,300 in your pocket) + Relocation (if needed) 
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