IOM Oppty — Portland, OR

If you are attracted to the relaxed lifestyle of the Pacific NW, we have an opportunity for an IOM professional in Portland, OR.  This is a beautiful region that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, and you can reside in Portland itself or any of the lush suburbs such as Tigard, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, etc.  You’ll have an opportunity to work on an incredibly wide range of cases and training will be available for anyone looking to ramp up their skills and delve into complex neurosurgery.   

Position details and requirement

Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 1 year of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification.  Please note that we are willing to consider candidates at all skill levels.     

Environment: You will be working under the umbrella of a well-respected health system with hospitals and surgical centers sprinkled across the city.  

Call Requirements:  Paid call rotation is required one week per month.

Travel:  None 

Bonuses:  There are a variety of bonus options that are built into the compensation package.  Call coverage, late cases, long weeks, and voluntary travel are all compensated beyond your base salary.  These will add substantial income to your base salary.          

Scheduling/Time Off:  4-day weeks are common.  2-4 weeks of PTO is included.

Case Breakdown: 85% spine, 15% crani’s.  Training in complex craniotomies (phase reversal, mapping, etc) and complex spinal procedures is available.   

Location: Portland, OR: All surgery centers and hospitals are in the PDX metro area.  Traffic here is less chaotic than you’ll see in many larger cities, and you likely won’t encounter a commute of more than 25 minutes regardless of where you reside.

Compensation: Total yearly compensation is variable based on experience and should range from $85k to $110k + 401k + HC insurance + Relocation (if needed). 

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