IOM Oppty — WA state: Seattle/Olympia Corridor

We have a new IOM opportunity in lovely Washington State.  One great aspect of this region is that you can reside nearly anywhere in the Seattle – Olympia corridor.  Outdoor enthusiasts will be in paradise, knowing that they can take advantage of numerous hiking areas, the largest rain forest on the continent, multiple ski resorts, and hundreds of miles of Coastal beaches — all while still being very close to the action in Seattle or the slower pace of Olympia.  Want to catch an NFL game, hike a rainforest, hit the ski slopes, or chill on a Pacific Coast beach on consecutive weekends?  Easily done! The weather is mild all year, as snowfall primarily occurs East of the Cascade Mountains.  The case mix is very broad and includes a substantial dose of vascular monitoring.  Training in complex procedures is available.    

Position details and requirement

Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 1 year of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification.       

Environment: You will be working with well-respected hospitals across Southwestern WA.  

Call Requirements:  Call is taken every 6 weeks.

Travel:  None 

Bonuses:  Multiple opportunities exist to earn bonuses above and beyond your base salary.          

Scheduling/Time Off:  4-day weeks are the norm, and PTO is based on both tenure and experience.

Case Breakdown: 55% spine, 45% vascular, 5% crani’s.  Training in complex craniotomies and vascular monitoring is available.   

Location: South Seattle to Olympia corridor: This will focus on hospitals on the Southern end of Seattle down to Olympia.  You can comfortably reside in numerous neighborhoods such as Burien, Kent, Federal Way, Lakewood, Tacoma, and Olympia.  Suburbs near Seattle are bristling with activity, while Olympia is better suited for those seeking a quieter pace.  Significant effort is put into assigning your cases at a facility nearest your residence.

Compensation: Total yearly compensation is variable based on experience and should range from $90k to $113k + 401k + HC insurance + Relocation (if needed).  Keep in mind that the suburbs between Seattle and Olympia are at least 30% less expensive than residing in Seattle itself, yet you can still easily drive to the big city for dinner, shopping, or a ball game! 

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