IOM Oppty, Director of Clinical Services — Sacramento

New opportunity for a Director of Clinical Services. If you have ever dreamed of running your own IOM operation without the need to recruit surgeons, invest 2 years getting a hospital contract, or spend a dime of your own money…please read the details below.  We are seeking an experienced CNIM that is looking to step into a true leadership role.  This position is based in Sacramento and will allow you to develop your own IOM culture.  You will leverage your experience to implement your own policies and procedures, select team members that fit your vision, and establish a culture that suits your personality.  It’s a highly differentiated role and is suitable for someone who yearns to spread their wings but is unable to do so within the confines of their present organization. 

Position details and requirements:

  • Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 5 years of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification + 2 years of management experience (managing/developing other techs).
  • Team environment:  You will have the opportunity to select your own team members and create a culture that suits your personality and work ethic.  The business already exists…this means you don’t ever have to “recruit” surgeons or negotiate hospital contracts that can take years to develop.  You don’t even have to buy your own equipment.  All the heavy lifting has been done – just focus on clinical excellence and clinical leadership!
  • Schedule & work-life balance:  5 days/wk is the expectation, as this is a senior management role.   The philosophy here is work hard, play hard!  You’ll hustle, but you will also have the flexibility to work at your own pace.  If you need time off, take it.  If you can’t cover call, you won’t.  This is truly the chance to reap the fruits of your labor, and you will set your own boundaries. You’ll work diligently but also have a lot of fun in the process.
  • Business Development:  None.  Many managerial positions come with the expectation that you must bring on new surgeons or work hospital contracts.  Forget that.  The business already exists, and the surgeons are extremely friendly.  We are looking for a true clinical leader, not a sales rep.
  • Case Breakdown: 100% spine
  • Call Requirements:  Call may or may not be taken, as you see fit.  This can be further discussed during an interview. 
  • Location: Sacramento, CA   
  • Compensation: Base salary of $145k/yr.  A variable bonus plan can be established with the ownership team, and you will define the metrics to achieve this number.  You will also have 2 weeks of paid PTO, and unlimited unpaid PTO.  For example, if you have always dreamed of taking that 6-week trip to climb Mt. Everest…do it!  It just won’t be “paid,” and most agree that this arrangement is fair.  You’ll also get 75% of your HC premiums covered + 401k + corporate AMEX card to pay for 100% of your gas, parking, and incidentals
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