IOM Oppty: Southern NJ-Philly-Atlantic City

We have an opportunity for an IOM professional in Southern NJ.  Would you like top compensation, including bonuses for late cases and paid mileage for any drive exceeding 5 miles?  Additionally, the non-compete agreement is limited to the surgeons you service…if you choose to leave in the future, there are zero geographic or hospital-based restrictions.

Position details and requirements:

Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 1 year of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification.  We may consider CNIM-eligible candidates in certain circumstances.

Environment:  Work consistently with the same surgeons, resulting in great chemistry and trust.   Core team of IOM professionals that have developed a wonderful bond with the surgeons to create a pleasant and non-confrontational environment; All surgeries monitored remotely by a board-certified neurologist.  This is not a national company, and your opinion and insight will count!

Call Requirements:  Call is covered every 6th week on rotation and involves a highly aggressive compensation structure; Please speak with us regarding the details.

Travel:  None 

Mileage:  All mileage beyond 5 miles is reimbursed at the IRS rate.  That’s more money in your pocket that very few IOM employers offer.   

Bonuses:  There are times in IOM when cases run late or start late (after 6pm).  If this occurs, a special bonus plan kicks in that provides additional compensation beyond your base salary.  This can result in significant additional pay over the course of a year – Nice!    

Scheduling/Time Off:  Very easy to plan and balance a work-life schedule with an average case load of 27 hours per week.   4-day weeks are common.  3 weeks of PTO is included.

Case Breakdown: 95% spine, 5% craniotomies; Willing to train on craniotomies for those with the desire to learn. 

Location: Southern NJ: Cases may be scheduled across Southern NJ, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Please note that you will be covering procedures in Atlantic City and should resign within 1 hour of this location. Suburbs to the East of Philadelphia are ideal.       

Compensation: $95k-$125k (may be negotiable for those with highly advanced crani monitoring skills) + call pay + bonuses + 401k/Roth + HC insurance + cell phone allowance + Relocation (if needed) 

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