IOM Opportunity — Central Arkansas

We have an opportunity for an IOM professional in Central AR who enjoys monitoring an extremely wide variety of cases. If you are exhausted from the traffic, congestion, and lack of green space in a huge city — and you want to easily purchase a large house on an IOM salary, this could be a nice option. Furthermore, you’ll work with a team that values work-life balance, with perks such as unlimited PTO (team members work closely together to keep this within reason), an unbelievable 5% 401k match, and 100% HC insurance coverage!        

Position details and requirements:

  • Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 1 year of clinical IOM experience (CNIM or CNIM-eligible will be considered). We can also consider a premium compensation package for anyone experienced with crani’s, ranging from moderate exposure to deep expertise.
  • Environment: This is a medium-sized team that is well-versed in monitoring an extremely wide array of cases. If desired, you will be encouraged to publish articles in leading journals and speak at industry conferences. In a nutshell, you will have an opportunity to deep dive into the theory behind your work and share your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with several surgeons that are known for pioneering instrumentation, and who are on the forefront of our field.  Several recent hires have quickly moved into management roles due to growth, so opportunities in this capacity should be available for those who excel.  
  • Call Requirements: Once every 4 weeks on rotation. Call is paid up to $250/hr, when taken.
  • Travel: None
  • Scheduling: 4 days per week is the norm. Work/life balance is carefully considered, given that crani’s tend to be lengthy procedures.
  • Case Breakdown: 70% spine, 25% crani’s, 5% ENT & Vascular.
  • Location: Little Rock, AR. This encompasses 3 hospitals.  Hence, commutes for anyone living in the area will be short. The city is incredibly affordable, and the cost of a house is 45% lower than the national average ($145k vs. $290k).  Yes, you can easily buy a home on an IOM salary!  This region also has far less traffic and congestion than larger metro areas, which truly reduces stress. Not only is the city very green, but you will also be a mere 1-hour drive from both a national forest and Hot Springs national park.
  • Compensation: $95k salary + yearly performance bonus + 100% paid HC insurance + Relocation (if needed). Benefits include “unlimited” PTO (within reason) and a fabulous 401k plan (unprecedented 5% matching).
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