“Limted-Hybrid” IOM Traveling Opportunity — Denver

We have a “traveling” opportunity for an IOM professional in Denver, CO.   Do you desire a schedule that enables you to travel nationally without compromising your personal life?  What if you only traveled every other week, did not take call, and only worked a 2-day week while at home?  This is an unusual opportunity that enables you to do exactly that!

Position details and requirements:

  • Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 2 years of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification
  • Environment:  You will travel every other week, and trips are nearly always limited to 3 nights away from home (Sun-Wed or Mon-Thurs). Two-night trips may also occur.  While at home in Denver, you will cover cases locally, but on a compressed/limited schedule of 2 days per week.  Neither the travel nor the case coverage at home will be overly taxing.  We want you to be fresh at all times, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Call Requirements:   You may voluntarily participate on call while at home, but this is not mandatory.  Those who opt to take call at home may earn additional bonus money.
  • Educational Opportunities: Attendance at relevant conferences is welcomed and rewarded.
  • Travel: 50% (limited to every other week).  Travel can be to a variety of locations across the country.  You will have a travel coordinator to assist with all airline, hotel, and car rental reservations.  A company credit card is provided, so you will never be “out of pocket” for any expense.
  • Case coverage at home: When you are not on the road, you will cover cases in Denver, but on a limited basis as a compromise for traveling.  2 days per week is the standard and call is not required.
  • Case Breakdown: Case mix will vary, depending upon location. Spine, crani, and vascular cases are the norm.
  • Location: Denver, CO – Relocation to Denver is required for this role. Please note that you will cover cases in Denver (and are part of the local team) when not travelling.  Hence, we cannot consider those who wish to live in other cities.
  • Compensation: $95k-$110k, depending upon experience + full benefits package + 2 weeks of PTO + Relocation (if needed).  Additional bonuses may be earned by completing CEU’s and voluntarily participating on call.  A robust healthcare plan is included (family members can be covered too) along with a 401k plan with a 6% match.
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