IOM Oppty in Northern Indiana

New IOM opportunity in Northern Indiana.  This is primarily in the Ft. Wayne metro area, which is the second largest city in the state.  An interesting geographical factoid is that the metro area is conveniently located within 2-3 hours of 9 major cities: Detroit, Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Grand Rapids, and Chicago.   Hence, if you are looking for wildly inexpensive housing and a super low cost of living, but you still want the flexibility of taking in a professional ballgame on the weekend or exploring a multitude of cities, the location is on point.  More than 430,000 people live in the metro area, and it is solidly categorized as a mid-sized city with every amenity.. 

Position details and requirements:

Clinical Requirements: Minimum of 1 year of clinical IOM experience + CNIM certification.  We may consider CNIM-eligible candidates in certain circumstances.

Environment: Cases are split between 2 hospitals, resulting in virtually no commuting. 

Call Requirements:  Call is covered every 6th week on rotation and is well compensated.

Travel:  None 

Scheduling:  3-4 day weeks are the norm (This is not a taxing position).

Case Breakdown: 100% spine    

Location: Ft. Wayne, IN:  This metro area would be categorized as a medium-sized community with every amenity.  It’s close enough to 9 major cities for a weekend visit but far enough away that you’ll avoid the congestion of a huge metropolis.

Compensation: $80k-$95k base salary + frequent incentive/performance bonuses (that are very achievable) + 401k + HC insurance   

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