Intraoperative Monitoring, Regional Lead Role — Dallas

We have an opportunity for an IOM professional in Dallas, TX.  Are you looking for an opportunity to directly impact the growth of a smaller company and be generously compensated for it?  If you are gregarious and enjoy building relationships, this could be a great forward step in your career.    

Position details and requirements:

  • Clinical Requirements: 3 years of IOM experience + CNIM
  • Environment:  You will participate in a light OR schedule that will enable you to focus on cultivating relationships with surgeons, device reps, and other stakeholders across the IOM community.  This opportunity is geared towards someone that wants to do more than cover cases.  You will be financially rewarded for assisting in the growth of the region.  It is common for a technologist to receive a bonus check for acquiring new business, but this goes well beyond that milestone.  You will participate in an on-going revenue stream based upon collections on new business, which will be extremely lucrative for an ambitious and entrepreneurial individual.  While there is no expectation for “cold calling,” you will have the full support of the executive team to grow relationships across the DFW metro area via relationship building, lunch n’ learns, and other social activities designed to encourage the adoption of IOM.  Your personality, creativity, and outgoing demeanor will shine! 
  • Management Style:  We are seeking a self-motivated professional.  The management team will never micro-manage you!  The expectations are that you will exhibit sufficient maturity to develop a game plan for expanding your footprint, knowing that all the necessary tools and resources will be at your disposal.  The management team will work with you and can assist with marketing or contracting efforts.         
  • Case Mix:  100% spine (for now), although you are encouraged to reach out to physicians that specialize in neuro, ENT, or vascular surgery.
  • Travel:  None.  All cases are performed in 2 local hospitals.
  • Scheduling: Case coverage is 2 days per week, providing ample time for business development activity and relationship building.  You will take call one week per month, which will be coordinated with the local surgical team, in advance.
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Compensation: $90k-$115k base salary + lucrative business development commission plan + full benefits package + Relocation.  Benefits package includes HC coverage plan, 401k, and 2-4 weeks of PTO. Please note that a higher base salary would result in a lower commission plan…you have the flexibility to drive your own income.

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