VP of Clinical Marketing and Business Development

North American VP of Marketing and Business Development, Opportunity

Opportunity:  This is a unique opportunity to build, develop, and guide a marketing effort from the ground floor.  You will design and spearhead a branding strategy across the US, craft key messages to the marketplace, and fully leverage your creativity to develop new streams of revenue.  Your efforts will directly impact all revenue producing activities.  In effect, you will be the captain of the ship!  Our client is entering a new phase of rapid growth and is a publicly traded company.  Due to the influx of investment capital, the time is right for expansion across North America.  There is limited competition due to proprietary technology for end users (hospitals, sleep labs, neuro clinics, etc) that seek to reduce their costs, while still offering world class patient care.  This is a superior product line to represent!

Career Path:  This as a direct, 2-year path to a role as General Manager.  In this capacity, you will oversee all sales, marketing, and operations activities across North America.

Company:  Our client has been in business for 25 years and is financially stable, with $27 million in global revenue today.  They currently have a team of 135 full-time employees, but intend to expand rapidly over the next year.  The company’s proprietary neurological technology is poised to explode into the neurodiagnostic, sleep, and physician marketplace.  The company’s focus on research and development has always been its strength.   Now, with a huge infusion of capital, sales across North America will be supported by the emergence of a strong, nation-wide sales force. 

The goal and the challenge:  Your objective will be to leverage your experience in delivering and executing marketing campaigns and brand strategies on a national scope.  You will have full management support to grow and manage an emerging team.  Additionally, you will have all of the resources necessary to create a marketing infrastructure required for success.  There is no existing “marketing department”…this will become your domain.

Responsibilities: All trade shows, marketing campaigns, metrics, and QA oversight will be yours to develop and mold.  Your “marketing/business development expertise” will be rewarded and appreciated unlike any other time in your career!

Support:  The company already has a very strong technical support team, comprised of clinicians and PhD’s in neuroscience.  All of the “technical assistance” you will need for product demonstrations or literature will be at your disposal.  Everything you need to succeed will be provided…the company just needs you to be the marketing wizard that you are!

Travel:  Limited travel across the USA/Canada to customer sites as well as quarterly trade shows.

Required Experience: 3+ years managing/directing marketing initiatives.  Success in demonstrating the value of your marketing efforts quantitatively.  Knowledge of the capital equipment sales cycle, with sales in $50k-$200k range.  Understanding of market segmentation in the neurophysiology space.

Relocation: None required.  You may perform in this role from anywhere in the country.  Occasional travel to corporate headquarters will be required.

Compensation:  A negotiable package that will include a highly competitive base salary, bonus, and stock options.

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